Let’s talk about Paella party!

June 29, 2017

World renowned with Mediterranean characters, still radically different. We are talking about the pride of Spanish and Italian cuisine – Paella and Risotto.

Risotto had always been a go to sophisticated rice dish for homes and restaurants alike. This big, mushy bowl of comfort when well made, is creamy with each grain of rice maintaining a gentle bite. It favours one key flavouring ingredient which gradually became a little too monotonous. This is when Paella came into focus.

Paella Party is a party in itself. It is like a social circle overstuffed with compelling characters, having fun with a whiff of chaos. It is a sunny fluffy yellow rice dish topped with red pepper, dotted with green peas and loaded with everything from shrimp to chorizo lo lobsters. You can throw in seafood, sausage, meat, beans, peppers without going overboard.

There are some very subtle difference between risotto and paella.

  1. While risotto is from Italian origin, Paella is of Spanish origin.
  2. When cooked paella rice is soft, moist and each grain is separate; totally different from risotto rice which is creamy and sticks together.
  3. Cooking risotto requires your attention all the time. Paella is not stirred while is simmers in the broth.
  4. If the risotto sticks to the bottom of the pan, it might as well be discarded. Paella, on the other hand, has a bottom coat called socarrat that is allowed to stick to the bottom of the pan and is devoured by people.

Paella is the most recognised and valued international Spanish dish. It receives its name from the ‘flat pan’ in which it is cooked. This paella pan is a large, flat, shallow pan that cooks all the ingredients in one layer. Another theory regarding its name origin includes deriving it from ‘para ella’ meaning ‘For Her’ as traditionally men cooked this dish.

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