Hire Paella Catering for Your Next Big Event

June 7, 2017

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special and unique. After finding their dream wedding venue the next step is to find a wedding caterer. And this choice is very crucial.

How else will you cater to your cousin’s food allergy and your bridesmaid's vegan friend at the same time? And then there is your uncle who insists on meat for every meal!

Your search ends here. Most people will recommend paella catering. It not only creates a wonderful spectacle and a focal point for family and friends to gather around but it’s also perfect for everyone.

Paella is the ultimate one-dish main course for entertaining. It is saffron scented rice in a huge pan studded with mussels, clams, shrimps, scallops, lobsters, sausages, peas and piquillo pepper. And no one will think you have gone too far. The vegan version tastes equally delicious. It is the ultimate Spanish experience – full of world’s best flavor. Paella takes time to cook, meld and develop a crispy blackened socarrat.

Paella catering during wedding is a romantic feast; an entertaining cooking show and an unforgettable experience for everyone. Your guest will surely be raving and thanking you for days.

At Vamos paella, we understand that a wedding meal is always of primary focus. So together we can plan your special day with a perfect menu that will please the palate of every guest on your list. Keeping this in mind we have created three enticing menus that will allow you to combine paella with tapas, salads, breads, salsa and desserts. Of course, this menu can be customized to cater for your vegetarian, pescatarians and meat eater friends alike.

Other than cooking this delicious meal our other services include:

-Paella tasting

-We can arrange for or hire chairs, tables, linen, glasses, plates and cutleries.

-Our wait and bar staff can also be there at your service

-We can get your wedding venue decorated as per your theme including seating arrangements, flower decorations, and name cards.

You can be assured of our professional service and many smiles on your special day. Contact our paella catering manager and see you at a tasting session.

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